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Motul Oil SAE 75W90 LSD Type 2 (Low Friction) Full-synthetic - 1L Bottle

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Oil - Motul SAE 75W90 LSD Type 2. Full-synthetic 1L Bottle

Specially designed for FF (Front-engine/Front-drive) type transmission with mechanical LSD (Limited
Slip Differential) system.
Suitable for all transmission (synchronized or non-synchronized), 6-speed transmission, gearbox with
differential, transfer gearbox and hypoid differentials with or without LSD.

All types of cars: Circuit, Group A, Rally, Gymkhana, Tuned, 4WD

100% synthetic lubricants with ester having exce
llent anti wear protection, extreme pressure
performance and thermal stability at high temperature
Type 1: Ester based
Type 2: Complex ester based
Stable frictional performance along with temperatures
Included friction modifiers avoid noisy or dragging
limited slip differential with appropriate torque
Smooth gear shifting

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