Guarantee & After-Sales Service

Quite often, even after we’ve chosen an item and purchased it successfully, there may be some things we might want to change or repair afterward - either during or following the delivery process, when filing a return or applying for using our warranty. Here we'll try to explain in plain terms how does our store’s warranty policy works and how you can be using it when shopping with us!

What Products are Provided with the Warranty?

All of our genuine parts come with 1 year Warranty (see T&Cs, with reference to Mitsubishi Japan). As a retailer we offer warrant in accordance with manufacturer hereby, Mitsubishi to you. All aftermarket parts do come with warranty subject to manufacturer T&Cs.

  • Replace

    Meek Automotive will replace within one year from the date of purchase (not the date of installation) the defective parts and shipping costs subject to manufacturer's warranty claim approval. We will send the defective parts back to manufacturer for further investigation and test. The process of warranty claim approval may take up to 30 days.
  • Warranty Exceptions

    Some spare parts require a professional and qualified technician for fitment and installation. If parts are not fitted/installed by a professional and qualified technician, warranty may not apply. Customer is liable to provide a proof (invoice, receipt) upon submitting warranty claim.

Where to Apply for Warranty Services?

Under these Limited Warranties, all of the legal liability of our store is limited to repair, or if required (or requested by the customer), replacement. We are ready to pay, within one year from the date of purchase, reasonable and customary labor rates to repair or replace the defective parts and shipping costs from the retailer...

These Limited Warranties are not applicable for any of our products which have been altered by any person, dealer, or company without the express written authorization of our store.


Filing a return is an easy process, requiring nothing more than your proof of purchase (which usually is the receipt you received) within 14 days after the delivery date (see "Terms & Conditions"), the item itself and the return label printed out by you and put at the top of the package...

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